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Lliana Bird and Dr Jack Lewis look at how crystals could hold the key to underwater breathing, magic mushrooms and how to foil the perfect murder.




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Trick? Or Treat?


It's that time of year again, and it is definately a real treat in store this week in this very special feature length episode of geek chic's weird science in honour of all hallows eve.  


Join Lliana Bird and Dr Jack Lewis as they go into darkness and look into the science of fear and whether or not it is possible to die of fright.  They chat to a zombie expert and have some halloween fun with a real life witch, and finally look into ways that we can use our leftover pumpkins.


Happy Halloween from the Geek Chic team! x





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Miracles, birds on Prozac, skinny pasta & Great Scott! A hoverboard! The geek chic team get to the root of the weeks most exciting scientific news.




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In what is a very special Geek Chic, Birdie and Dr Jack find out what's new in the world of Brain GPS since it was discovered by UCL's Nobel Prize winning Prof John O'Keefe in 1971.




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This week Birdy and Dr Jack talk lab grown penises, life after death and killer whales who 'speak' to dolphins...

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The Geek Chic team get to the root of the latest teleportation developments hitting the headlines with an exclusive interview with the leading expert Professor Nicholas Gisin from the University of Geneva, who has been studying quantum teleportation for over 40 years. Beam me up Scotty!




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Should coffee drinkers be freaking out about an impending coffee crisis? Have chimps gone cultural? And why is a robot being dropped onto a comet? Dr Jack & Birdy dissect the week's most interesting science news.


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Are we one step closer to teleportation?  Are invisibility cloaks possible?  Does staying up later mean you're a psychopath?  Are comedy banana peel slip ups based on genuine science?  Dr Jack & Birdy mull over this weeks news from the world of science...


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Enjoy x

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Episode 4 of Geek Chic sees Dr Jack & Birdy dissect the quirkiest science news: why crisp packets can save lives, how social media is reshaping our brains & why Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind style memory wiping IS a possibilty

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Presented by: Lliana Bird & Dr Jack Lewis
Produced by: Richard Boffin

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A Geek Chic 20 minute special exploring this week's big news that Jack The Ripper has finally been identified....or has he? Lliana Bird and Dr Jack Lewis exclusively interview the man who made the discovery, scientist Dr Jari Louhelainen, and find out whether this 120 year old mystery has really been solved once and for all.


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