Geek Chic's Weird Science

Episode 2 of Geek Chic and once again Lliana and Dr Jack dig into the best stories from the weird and wonderful world of science.

This week they discuss: can you retrain your brain to be addicted to healthy food? Is Vulcan style telepathy a real possibility? And has T-Rex been gazzumped as king of the dinosaurs?

Presented by: Lliana Bird & Dr Jack Lewis 
Produced by: Richard Boffin

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Geek Chic has arrived!
This is your brand new weekly dose of weird science.
Join neuroscientist Dr Jack Lewis and science enthusiast Lliana Bird as they take an irreverent look at the latest news from the weird and wonderful world of science. Science never sounded so good!
Our very first episode covers pandas faking pregnancies, lesbian orgasms, and dolphins who squeal.
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